ETH Based

Ethereum Based

JetCoins are tokens built on top of the Ethereum blockhain. As a result they are not dependant on any central authority - any transactions involving JetCoins are confirmed and secured by the Ethereum blockchain.


ERC-20 Token

JetCoins fully comply with Ethereum's ERC-20 token standard, providing interoperability, and allowing them to be easily integrated with any system or service that interacts with ERC-20 tokens (such as exchanges).


Freely Tradeable

Because JetCoins are an ERC-20 compliant token, they are freely tradeable via direct transfers or via smart contracts such us CryptoDerivatives.Market contracts. It is possible (although unlikely) that they could also be added to exchanges.

About JetCoins

I wanted to learn more about Ethereum, ERC-20 Tokens, and contracts such as those used by CryptoDerivatives.Market. I decided a good way to learn this would be to create my own token, and so have created JetCoins (JET). JetCoins have been created with a fixed supply of 1,000,000 JET. You can view the JET token contract on JetCoins have no particular use, other than to help me learn about how tokens work.

JetCoins Logo

JetCoins ICO

In order to better understand Ethereum contracts and trading ERC-20 tokens, I am offering an "ICO" for JetCoins via CryptoDerivatives.Market. 80% of the fixed 1,000,000 supply (800,000 JET) can be obtained in exchange for a donation at a rate of 1 JET = 0.001 ETH. To obtain JET simply donate any amount of ETH to 0xD766885daA0a59c1816E004FCf2506d0941D8231 and receive back JET at the specified rate. For more details including the terms of participating, please see the whitepaper below. Any ETH received through the "ICO" will be considered as a donation, and JET is only given as a token of acknowledgement.


JetCoins Whitepaper

Many ICOs have confusing or difficult to understand whitepapers. In contrast, the JetCoins whitepaper is easy to understand. This is because JetCoins aren't used to fund the development of a technology project. You can read the whitepaper here.